Nothing Personal: Five Clichés for Chamber Orchestra

Asman – Nothing Personal: Five Clichés for Chamber Orchestra (2016)

I am pleased to announce   that I have completed my composition, entitled “Nothing Personal”. This piece has been commissioned by the Tuks Symphony Orchestra, who will perform the work this year.

Structured as an uninterrupted suite, “Nothing Personal” draws compositional material from various selected quotes that are considered to be clichés. These clichés (like “All in Good Time”, “Skating on Thin Ice” and “The Whole Kit and Caboodle”) pose as the separate movements of the suite.

Although the composition is drawn from these platitudes, the actual music avoids traditional compositional techniques, adding a sense of irony to the piece.

Nothing Personal - Full Score_Page_01  Nothing Personal - Full Score_Page_03  Nothing Personal - Full Score_Page_05

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